About JUNK

JUNK Brands Staff

JUNK is one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. We are a Northwest Arkansas-based headband company specializing in the designing, manufacturing, and distribution of amazing headbands, and we now distribute from Canada. At JUNK, we live in a culture of empowerment. Empowerment of the brand, product, customer, and employees. We accomplish this by demanding excellence and overcoming conventional thinking. We truly believe JUNK is exactly what you need to get that step closer to your ultimate goal and become relentless.

JUNK Goes to Canada

JUNK has partnered with GRIT, run by Morgan Ruby and Derek Arbez, to distribute to our Canadian customers. No more surprise import duties, better shipping rates, and we can get your JUNK to you faster than ever. 

About GRIT

Morgan is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse business background. Having founded and built multiple successful businesses, Morgan cemented herself in GRIT as it allowed her to concentrate her knowledge into one single outlet. Working with brands taking the leap into Canada has allowed Morgan to lean into her finance, e-commerce, and fitness background. Although business is fun, Morgan is driven by the capability owning a business provides to give individuals an opportunity to learn, adapt and grow.

Derek has always been a JUNK fanatic. In addition to being the Co-Owner of GRIT, Derek is a competitive CrossFit athlete, former NHL player, and former horse trainer. He has dangled out of helicopters to fix power lines. In 2022, Derek left his corporate job to join Morgan as the Chief Operation Officer for GRIT. Derek takes significant pride in a relentless pursuit of excellence and can often be found deep in conversation discussing the embodiment of a growth mindset.

Outside of business, Morgan and Derek are dedicated parents, fitness and outdoor enthusiasts.

In partnership with GRIT, we are able to offer more than a distribution center, we offer excellent customer service and solutions. We take care of customers that put time and effort into ordering and help them to get the JUNK they love. Morgan and Derek are relentless and the embodiment of who we strive to be as a brand at JUNK. We are so grateful to be partnered and look forward to everything JUNK Canada has to offer.

Morgan Ruby and Derek Arbez, GRIT Founders